The Most Advanced Aerodynamic Mudflap You Can Find.

The AeroFlap’s patented, diamond-patterned design allows air and water to flow through the flap, rather than just into it. The AeroFlap does the job of a regular mudflap, but because it doesn’t smash water droplets on contact, it actually reduces rain spray, thereby creating a safer environment on the road. Due to the way air is channeled through the flap, the AeroFlap breaks up the trailing air vortex, further reducing drag and venting heat away from brakes and tires. Studies have shown that using aerodynamically efficient mud flaps improves fuel efficiency.

Today many fleets are replacing their standard dual tire configurations with wide-base tires for reasons of fuel economy and stability. The National Transportation Research Laboratory testing showed gas mileage increased nearly 3% with the use of the wider single tires on tractor-trailers.

Fleet Engineers’ AeroFlap mud flaps are customized for wide-base or dual tire configurations.